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‘Jack*ss’ Ted Cruz Demolished For Whining Jan 6 Panel Is Not ‘Bipartisan’ After Voting Against Bipartisan Committee



Ted Cruz jackass

Texas Senator Rafael Cruz (Ted) drew the ire of the internet on Sunday after he lashed out at Democrats without even a hint of irony over the January 6 committee that will investigate the deadly insurrection that he, in part, incited.

According to Cruz, the selected committee isn’t to his liking because it involves Republicans who supported impeaching Donald Trump for inciting a riot that led to an attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol.

Cruz had an opportunity to vote for a bipartisan commission where Republicans could appoint whoever they wanted and as many Republicans as they wanted. He voted against it, leaving Pelosi with no other choice but to appoint Republicans who aren’t to Donald Trump’s liking.

“Nancy Pelosi’s sham “commission” (consisting only of people who’ve already voted to impeach Trump),” Cruz wrote on Twitter while comparing the House Speaker to a cartoon character.

Naturally, the response were swift and furious. Here are some of the reactions: