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‘It’s All Projections’: Trump Biographer Goes On CNN And Totally Dismantles His Attacks On Cassidy Hutchinson



Michael D'Antonio

Former President Donald Trump is engaged in a frantic campaign trying to discredit Cassidy Hutchinson after the former White House aide delivered a devastating testimony before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

In his latest interview in a far-right media outlet, Trump continued to attack Hutchinson, accusing her of “making up stories” about him because she’s a “social limber.”

But one of his biographers has refuted Trump’s attacks, saying that the former president’s comments are “all just projections.”

“This lady yesterday, there’s something wrong with her,” Trump said on Wednesday. “Is there something wrong? The woman is living in fantasy land. She’s a social climber, if you call that social. She has serious problems. Mental problems. But for this girl to sit there and just, I think, make up stories and I, again, hardly know who she is.”

Responding to Trump’s attacks on Hutchinson, Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio, who has written books about Trump using these tactics, explained on CNN that it’s “straight out of the playbook.”

“I’m reminded of the saying that the character is destiny so we’re now seeing play out Donald Trump’s destiny based on his character and Ms. Hutchinson’s destiny playing out based on her character and we know that in the wings with Pat Cipollone and we’re going to try to see where his character leads him,” D’Antonio said.

“Yes, Donald Trump has always done this and the strange thing is that it has worked for him. It has allowed him to attract only the most loyal people who are afraid of him. It has allowed him to bully people into submission.”

D’Antonio also pointed out that Trump actually uses the exact same words to attack people.

“He always says that people are crazy,” the biographer explained. “People are seeking to raise their profile. People are just making up stories. Well, who does that remind you of? Who does it remind you of when he says someone is making up stories or trying to raise their profile or even being a little bit crazy. It reminds us of one former president.”

Those who know Trump have been asked about what they’ve witnessed from the ex-president’s behavior and if what Hutchinson is describing is accurate.

“It sounds like the person that he imagined himself to be,” said D’Antonio about Trump’s behavior. “So this is a fellow who told me he’s the hero in his own comic book, that he loves to fight all kinds of fights, even physical fights. The record doesn’t show he’s really done that.”

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