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Internet Shreds Ron DeSantis After Photo Emerges Of Florida COVID Patient Laying On Healthcare Center Floor



Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is facing a fierce backlash after a photo of a Covid-19 patient curled up on the floor of a Jacksonville, Florida healthcare center while awaiting treatment went viral on Thursday.

The photo was taken at a monoclonal treatment center at the downtown library on Wednesday, according to Kailey Tracy of First Coast News, citing city officials.

“Woman who posted picture to Reddit says her husband took it, saw people crying in pain. COJ says they were waiting for treatment, providing triple # of wheelchairs now,” Ms. Tracy reported.

The city issued a statement saying the center where the photo was taken was not intended for people experiencing advanced covid symptoms.

“This treatment is meant to keep people OUT of the hospital and is designed for those early on in their COVID-19 diagnosis or for those who believe they have been exposed to COVID. Individuals with severe symptoms should contact a medical professional for guidance on the proper treatment for their situation,” the city said.

Florida recently opened several free monoclonal antibody centers in order to treat Covid-19 patients in an effort to ease overburdened hospitals in the state.

More than half of the state’s ICU capacity is filled with coronavirus patients as of Tuesday.

Gov. DeSantis has been under fire for a controversial executive order prohibiting enforcing of mask mandates.

On Twitter, critics have been slamming DeSantis for downplaying the threat of the virus and fighting against mitigation policies like mask mandates for businesses and schools.