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Internet Goes LOL After Former Fox News Host Is Stunned To Learn Network Has Vaccine Mandate: ‘It Can’t Be True’



Todd Starnes

Former Fox News employee Todd Starnes, who was fired from his job after agreeing with a guest that Democrats were worshippers of Moloch, triggered a slush of laughter on Twitter after expressing horror on Thursday when he learned that the conservative cable news network had a vaccine mandate.

Starnes said he couldn’t believe his former employer would do such a thing after President Joe Biden pointed out that even Fox News required its employees to show proof of vaccination.

“Biden says even Fox News has a mandatory vaccine policy,” he wrote on Twitter. “Is that true? That can’t be true. Have Hannity and Tucker and the others gotten the vaccine? That just can’t be true.”

Unfortunately for Starnes, Biden’s claims about Fox News happen to be completely correct.

An internal Fox News memo obtained by Ad Week last month shows that the right-wing cable news network is enacting its own kind of vaccine passport program.

Specifically, the memo asks all Fox employees, including those who are working remotely, to upload their vaccination status to a central database, where it will be used for “space planning and contact tracing purposes in conjunction with CDC/state/city health and safety guidelines.”

In addition to making employees reveal their vaccine status, Fox is also requiring certain employees to be tested for COVID-19 at least once a week at the network’s on-site COVID testing program.

Naturally, Twitter users were quick to reply to Starnes, with many mocking his disbelieve: