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‘Idiot’ Marco Rubio Torched For Putting Zelensky At Risk By Sharing Photos Of Video Call Despite Being Told Not To



Marco Rubio idiot

Two Republican senators are facing widespread backlash after tweeting photos of a video call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy despite being told to not share pictures on social media while it was in progress due to security concerns.

The senators, Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Steve Daines (Mont.) shared photos of Zelensky speaking to Congress on Twitter with captions indicating that they were on the call, NBC News reports.

Multiple aides told the outlet that lawmakers present in the call were directed by Ukrainian officials not to share pictures of the president.

The action from Rubio and Daines drew immediate condemnation from lawmakers and social media users alike.

Reps. Dean Phillips (D-MN) and Jason Crow (D-CO) slammed the senators’ actions as “appalling and reckless.”

“The Ukrainian Ambassador very intentionally asked each of us on the zoom to NOT share anything on social media during the meeting to protect the security of President Zelenskyy. Appalling and reckless ignorance by two US Senators,” Phillips tweeted.

“The lack of discipline in Congress is truly astounding. If an embattled wartime leader asks you to keep quiet about a meeting, you better keep quiet about the meeting,” Crow said.

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