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‘I Don’t Do Interviews On Jan. 6’: MAGA Rioters Trashed GOP Sen. Jim Risch’s Office But He Refuses To Discuss The Video



Sen. Jim Risch

A newly released video shows a mob of Trump supporters destroying the office of Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) after storming the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. However, the conservative Republican has nothing to say about it when pressed by reporters on Thursday.

Two years ago, MAGA insurrectionists who believed former President Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election viciously assaulted police, smashed out windows, stormed into an office, flipped over a giant conference table and barricaded themselves inside the U.S. Capitol, readying themselves for a fight with police inside a suite of “hideaway” offices for U.S. senators.

One of the offices, federal prosecutors recently disclosed, belonged to Republican Jim Risch, the 79-year-old junior senator from Idaho, where Trump is tremendously popular.

A video released this week shows a rioter — who has pleaded guilty to driving a stun gun into a police officer’s neck, nearly killing him — smashing out Risch’s window overlooking the Washington Monument and the national mall in an attempt to let more rioters into the building, NBC News reports. The video also shows Risch’s trashed desk, including what looks like a framed campaign image bearing his last name.

But Risch, who represents a state where Trump remains highly popular, didn’t want to comment on the matter when asked by NBC News about his office being trashed by Trump supporters.

“‘I don’t do interviews on Jan. 6, but thanks,’ Risch reportedly said.

Asked again if he had a response to the newly released footage, the senator said only: ‘Thanks for asking.'”

Watch the video below:


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