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House Jan 6 Panel Rescheduling Hearing After New Evidence Surfaces



House Select Committee

The House Jan 6 Panel is reportedly rescheduling a hearing that was tentatively set for prime time on Thursday, after receiving “new information” relevant to the investigation, multiple sources reported.

“Confirmed from multiple sources. The expected J6 Thursday prime time hearing is being rescheduled,” PBS Newshour correspondent Lisa Desjardins reported on Twitter. “Why? Being told – it’s due to more information the committee is/has gotten. Asking but not yet clear if Cipollone, his 8 hours of deposition last wk plays a role in this change.”

CNN correspondent Ryan Nobles also reported that the hearing was being rescheduled.

“There were some preliminary plans for the 1/6 Committee to hold a hearing on Thursday this week in addition to their hearing tomorrow, but I’m told those plans have been shelved,” Nobles wrote. “The Committee never formally advised the hearing so it is not postponed.”

As noted by Desjardins, was not immediately clear if the new information was related to the 8-hour deposition of former White House counsel Pat Cipollone.