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HELLISH BS: Trump Promotes Demon God, Child Sacrifice Conspiracies Ahead Of His 2024 Election Announcement




Donald Trump is openly courting conspiracy theorists as he seeks support for his 2024 presidential campaign announcement. The former president on Tuesday morning reported an image of demon gods taking charge as he is gearing up to fight them.

“Hopefully TODAY will turn out to be one of the most important days in the history of our Country!” Trump wrote on Truth Social on Tuesday morning just hours after reposting an image shared by a platform user called “God_Bless_Trump.”

The image, as described by The Daily Beast, was split in two, with one side showing Trump with the caption “We Love You, President Trump! God Bless You!” The other side had a rambling, conspiracy-flecked screed about Trump’s motivations for running for the most powerful elected office in the world. Despite the fact that he “has it all, perhaps he could not stomach the thought of mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch,” referring to an ancient child-sacrificing god.

The image claims Trump could not stand the thought of “children being kidnapped, drugged, and raped while leaders/law enforcement of the world turn a blind eye,” conveying baseless QAnon conspiracy theory tropes concerning a satanic global child sex trafficking ring.

In a previous post, Trump continued to peddle election fraud claims after ally Kari Lake lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs in the race for Arizona governor. The 76-year-old falsely claimed that the election was stolen from her.

“Wow! They just took the election away from Kari Lake. It’s really bad out there!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Lake, Trump’s staunch supporter who maintained without any evidence that the 2020 election was rigged, is the latest Trump-endorsed MAGA candidate to be rejected by voters in the midterm elections, which failed to unleash the “red wave” of GOP victories that Republicans had predicted.


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