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GOP Strategist: Nunes May Join Manafort In Prison If He Doesn’t Come Clean About His Ties With Parnas



Devin Nunes

Legal problems are rapidly mounting for GOP congressman Devin Nunes (Calif.) as Democrats are releasing more evidence of his involvement in the Ukraine scandal. Now, even conservatives are saying it is time for Nunes to come clean before it gets worse.

During an on MSNBC on Saturday Morning, GOP strategist Susan Del Percio was asked about a report that Nunes was in contact with Parnas more than the GOP lawmaker had previously admitted.

According to Del Percio, Nunes needs to think long and hard about his next step.

Saying President Donald Trump’s attempts to distance himself from Parnas may work, Del Percio said Nunes may not have that luxury.

“It may work for Donald Trump, it works for nobody else,” Republican campaign consultant told host Garret Haake. “Look where Michael Cohen is, Michael Flynn, [Paul] Manafort. So Devin Nunes should be careful. He is someone that has to fess up, put this on the table is probably his best strategy at this point.”

Watch the discussion below:

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