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GOP Lawmaker Won’t Attend His Anti-Vax Rally Because He Has COVID: Report



Jeff Hoverson

GOP Rep. Jeff Hoverson, of North Dakota, will miss his Monday rally opposing vaccine mandates because he has COVID-19, he announced in a Facebook post, The Associated Press reported via local station KSTP5.

The lawmaker, who is also a pastor, told his followers that said he will stay home and take a cocktail of medications including the unproven anti-parasite drug ivermectin and the malaria remedy Hydroxychloroquine to treat his symptoms, according to the AP.

“Covid is real and like a really bad flu,” Hoverson wrote on Facebook. “I am currently quarantining and each day is getting better.”

Hoverson has also railed against mask mandates. He was barred from boarding a flight with his wife at Minot International Airport late last month after taking issue with a TSA patdown, the report noted.

Hoverson told the AP he tested positive last week for coronavirus and claimed his home remedy, which is popular with right-wing pundits, should be more widely used by the public.

He said that while he’s not attending the rally, three of his six children will attend the event at the statehouse.

Read his post below:


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