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GOP Lawmaker Refuses To Fix Mass Shootings Because Of ‘Freedom’ And ‘Christianity’



Tim Burchett CNN interview

Appearing for an interview on CNN on Saturday, GOP representative Tim Burchett, of Tennessee doubled down on his assertion that mass shootings in the US cannot be fixed because “we have freedom” while calling for a “Christian revival” to stop the carnage.

Burchett’s remarks came after being asked by CNN anchor Jim Acosta why he can’t “get together with the Democrats and get it done” in response to acts of gun violence across the country.

Acosta played a clip of the Tennessee Republican’s “we’re not going to fix it” after three children and three adults died in a primary school shooting in his state last month. He then brought up this weekend’s deadly shooting at a Texas home and picked apart Burchett’s claims about lawmakers’ inability to address gun violence.

“A lot of people listen to what you just said and said, ‘Wait a minute, it is your job to fix this and it’s unacceptable to have mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting.’ Why not fix this? Get together with the Democrats and get it done,” Acosta said.

In response, Burchett reiterated his call for a Christian “revival” as a potential solution.

“I was probably speaking more from a Christian perspective. I also went on to say we need real revival in this country,” Burchett said of his past statement.

“There’s Christianity in other countries and they don’t have mass shootings,” Acosta noted.

“Well, they don’t have our freedom, either, they don’t have the Second Amendment,” replied the Republican, who then pointed out that people now can “print guns.”

The five people killed in the recent Texas mass shooting join a list of 13,819 people who have died as a result of gun violence in the U.S. this year.

There have been 176 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2023, as of Sunday, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Twitter users reidiculed Burchett over his response to Acosta and questioned “what freedom” the U.S. has compared to other countries.


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