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GOP Lawmaker Proposes Bill That Would Toss Out All Mail-In Ballots That Weren’t Counted Within 48 Hours



Republican Senator Rick Scott, who formerly served as the governor of Florida, proposed a bill this week that would nullify any mail-in ballots that weren’t counted within 48 hours of the election date.

The bill, “Help America Vote Act of 2020,” which Scott proposed Thursday, would help to codify Donald Trump’s desire, stated last week, to ensure that the preliminary tally of votes on Election Day will count as the final vote count in the election.

According to a Washington Post/University of Maryland poll conducted earlier this month, the preliminary count would leave out absentee ballots and a record number of mail-in ballots.

According to Slate, the proposal “would require that mail-in ballots be counted within 24 hours of when voting closes on Election Day. Scott’s proposed legislation would also prevent mail-in ballots received prior to Election Day from being processed and counted until the morning of Nov. 3, contradicting state election statutes across the country including one that he signed when he was governor of Florida. Basically, the bill would move back the date by which votes can start to be counted and move up the date by which the count must end. This would limit the count to a single less-than-48-hour window, shortening the count in some cases by weeks.”

“Any conflicting state laws would be preempted,” Chris Hartline, communications director for Scott, told Slate—including rules in the senator’s own home state of Florida, where the counting of votes can legally begin 22 days before Election Day.

While officials will have only 48 hours to tally all the votes, Scott has offered no sort of funding that would make the counting process faster.

The bill would not only shorten the time during which officials generally have to count votes by several weeks, but it would also leave out many absentee voters, who made up more than 17% of voters in 2016 and more than 20% in previous years.

Scott’s proposal received backlash on social media, many believing it’s just a plot to tend to Trump’s conspiracy theory about mail-in voting.

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