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Georgia Republican Compares Trump to an ‘Axe Murderer’



Donald Trump
Former president Donald Trump. (Photo: Imgur)

Former Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan (R) launched a harsh personal criticism against former President Donald Trump on Monday, comparing Trump’s values to those of an “axe murderer.”

Duncan, a frequent critic of Trump, made these remarks during an interview on CNN’s program “The Source,” where he urged Republicans to make a decisive choice about the future of their party and called on fellow conservatives to prevent Trump from securing the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. Duncan labeled Trump as a “fake Republican.”

In the interview, Duncan, who had been outspoken about election integrity during his time as lieutenant governor, highlighted various concerns about Trump. He pointed to the 91 criminal charges Trump faces from investigations in New York, Georgia, and by federal authorities. Duncan also emphasized that Trump had contributed to the national debt while in office. He argued that all these factors, along with Trump’s lack of moral integrity, should dissuade Republicans from selecting him as their nominee.

“As a Republican, the dashboard is going off with lights and bells and whistles telling us all the warning things we need to know,” he said.

“Everything we need to see to not choose him as our nominee, including the fact that he’s got the moral compass of more like an axe murderer than a president,” Duncan continued. “We need to do something right here right now. This is either our pivot point or last gasp as Republicans.”

He characterized the current moment as a critical juncture for the Republican party, asserting that the party must choose to pivot or face potential decline.

Duncan, who had testified before a grand jury in the case against Trump and his co-defendants for allegedly attempting to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia, also responded to a quote from Mark Meadows’s memoir, where Meadows stated his responsibility was to challenge the president when he was wrong, Duncan expressed skepticism about Meadows’s actual influence.

“Well, he must have whispered in his ear and not said it out loud because I certainly have never seen examples of him standing up to Donald Trump or the ridiculous nature of where this is headed,” Duncan said.

Meadows is also facing charges in the Georgia case and appeared in court Monday.


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