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‘Gee, You Crack Me Up’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Laughs Uncontrollably At People Dying Of Coronavirus



Marjorie Taylor Greene

During a news conference Wednesday, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene burst out laughing after a reporter asked her about the severity of COVID-19’s impact on Georgia residents.

As noted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reporter Tia Mitchell, reminded the QAnon Republican that not everyone who is getting really sick with COVID-19 and dying as a consequence is older or overweight. In Northwest Georgia, a five-year-old child named Wyatt Gary Gibson became infected with COVID-19 before dying in a Chattanooga, Tennessee hospital on July 16, though these kinds of cases are rare.

Miller asked Greene if she feels “any responsibility” for spreading false information about COVID-19, noting that “there are children” and “skinny people” who “have died of the coronavirus.” And Greene, dismissive of the question, started laughing and told Mitchell, “Gee, you crack me up. You know what, I think people’s responsibility is their own.”