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Fox News Host Attacks Biden Because ‘Wages Are Higher And Jobs Plentiful’



Fox News hosts

On Friday morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the July jobs numbers, showing a massive job gain last month. While Americans welcomed the excellent economic good news and cheered the report, the people at Fox News are attacking Biden for it. Seriously.

Economists had predicted about 258,000 new jobs for July, but the economy added a whopping 528,000 new jobs, more than double what analysts expected. Unemployment also dropped to 3.5%, which is far below the 5% mark economists used to use as a marker of “full employment.”

Experts are hailing the report, saying there is no recession, and predicting that inflation will come under control as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. Additionally, the price of gas has dropped tremendously, with some stations now selling at under $3.00 a gallon.

But the propagandists at Fox News are not happy about all the good news and are trying to find ways to spin the report into an attack on President Joe Biden and Democrats. And they are being mocked for it.

Check some of the reactions to Fox covering the job’s report: