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Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Links Trump’s Policies To Fentanyl Crisis



Geraldo Rivera

During a Fox News segment on the spiking fentanyl imports, network host Geraldo Rivera said former President Donald Trump was to blame for inflaming the crisis of overdoses with his “brute force” policies on Mexico.

To make his point, Rivera pointed to the recent calls by Republicans to bomb Mexico.

“I think the real reason they’re coming down, I think you alluded to it, is these threats, these various threats coming from everyone from Donald Trump to Dan Crenshaw to Tom Cotton to Lindsey Graham, that they’re going to bomb Mexico back to the Stone Age,” he said, “that they’re, you know, they’re going to target the cartels as if they are foreign enemies, declare them terrorist organizations and really use a brute force to eliminate the role they play in taking these chemicals from China and mixing this witch’s brew that has caused so many deaths, over 70,000 last year alone, just from fentanyl, you know, the synthetic opioid that gets put into everything.”

Rivera admitted that his view was “kind of radical.”

“I believe that Donald Trump really did, in his brute force, cause this movement from Mexico,” he insisted. “I believe that the fear is that Mexico, our second largest trading partner with whom we share this tremendous border, and so many of the millions, hundreds of millions of Americans trace their ancestry to Mexico and to Latin America.”

“You know, they complain, the Mexicans complain that it’s a circular trade,” Rivera added. “They do the fentanyl. Yes, maybe the United States ships huge amounts of arms, weapons to Mexico. So it is this very nefarious, very malicious trade, the circular trade that goes on.”

Watch the video from Fox News below.


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