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Fight Erupts Among Georgia Republicans Over Trump Allies Plot To Punish Fulton County DA



Georgia State Sen. Steve Gooch, R-Dahlonega.
Georgia State Sen. Steve Gooch, R-Dahlonega during a press conference at the Capitol in Atlanta. (Photo: Imgur)

In Georgia, allies of former President Donald Trump are embroiled in a divisive plot aimed at penalizing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, but their endeavor is also igniting a fierce internal battle within the Georgia Republican Party.

The unfolding drama, as reported by The Atlanta Journal Constitution, centers around State Senate Majority Leader Steve Gooch’s fervent push for a legislative bill that would grant an empowered state panel the authority to investigate and potentially remove prosecutors they don’t like.

In a recent interview with the AJC, Gooch asserted that Willis carries a cloud of doubt and emphasized the importance of ensuring fairness for both Trump and his loyalists.

Yet, this endeavor is far from unified. Tensions have erupted between Gooch and Georgia State Sen. Colton Moore, a fervent advocate of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement. Moore’s audacious plan involves orchestrating a special session aimed at directly impeaching Willis. However, the feasibility of this plan is hampered by the stark reality that it would necessitate garnering unlikely support from Democratic counterparts.

Gooch, attempting to tread a cautious path, stated, “We want to make sure we calm down, we look at this stuff deliberately and we do it in a mature way.”

Meanwhile, Moore has taken an aggressive stance, branding Republicans who oppose his approach as lacking courage. He has also openly defied Gooch’s calls for restraint in criticizing fellow party members.

The fray has not been contained to the legislative realm alone. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) has injected his own strategy into the mix by advocating for the defunding of Willis’ office. His controversial move is part of a larger bill aimed at averting a government shutdown. However, it’s a bold gambit that would undoubtedly meet swift opposition in the Democrat-controlled United States Senate.


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