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Federal Judge Orders Steve Bannon To Testify Under Oath In Data Breach Case



A federal judge has ordered former White House advisor and Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon to submit to questioning as part of the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into a data breach at Cambridge Analytica.

According to the National Law Journal, “U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper sided with the agency, ruling that Bannon complying with the FTC’s civil investigative demand would not prejudice Bannon’s upcoming trial in New York, where he was charged with money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.”

In his ruling, Cooper said that delaying Bannon’s testimony “even six months under the optimistic assumption that he will be tried in May” would preclude the agency from concluding its investigation into the data firm, the report says.

As noted by the Law Journal, “Cambridge Analytica is accused of engaging in deceptive practices to harvest personal information from more than 50 million Facebook users which it then is said to have used to profile and target individual voters. Bannon previously served as the data firm’s vice president and was a member of its board of directors.”

The agency said it wanted to question Bannon in connection with the investigation to determine whether he may be personally liable for his involvement with the unlawful breach and whether any of that data still exists or was shared with other entities.

You can read the entire report here.