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Falwell Jr. Sues Liberty University For ‘Damaging His Reputation’



Former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. is now suing the evangelical establishment after he was forced to resign following a series of scandals.

“We attempted to meet several times with the Liberty University Board of Trustees Executive Committee but were unsuccessful in doing so. Thus, we were forced to seek remedy for Mr. Falwell’s ongoing injuries and damage to his reputation through the Court,” Falwell’s lawyer Robert Raskopf said in a statement, according to NBC News.

The lawsuit also complains that the accusations made against Falwell Jr. were false.

“When Mr. Falwell and his family became the targets of a malicious smear campaign incited by anti-evangelical forces, Liberty University not only accepted the salacious and baseless accusations against the Falwells at face value, but directly participated in the defamation,” according to the lawsuit.

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