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Failed GOP Candidate Openly Pushes For Voter Suppression: ‘I Only Care About Winning’



Lauren Witzke, a former Republican senate candidate for the state of Georgia, recently pushed for voter suppression in order to get Republicans back in power.

This week, attorney and former Republican Ron Filipkowski took to Twitter to share a video of Witzke’s recent appearance on the podcast ConservaTMZ.

In the clip, Witzke pushes for voter suppression laws to make it harder for people to vote.

Witzke admits that if the laws stay as they are Republicans won’t stand a chance in future elections.

She also adds that she “only cares about winning.”

With the video he posted, Filipkowski publicly lambasted Witzke for her remarks as he noted that right-wing politicians typically state their real intentions when they appear on platforms that support their agenda.

“When they go on right-wing fringe media and podcasts, that’s when they say the quiet parts out loud,” Filipkowski tweeted. “Here is former US Senate (DE) candidate Lauren Witzke talking about voter suppression laws in GA. “It will cut Stacy Abrams off at the knees… All I care about is winning.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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