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FABULOUS: Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Blurted Out Her Biggest Fear After GOP’s Midterm Flop



Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Republican party appears to be in open revolt after the Republican “red wave” failed to materialize in last week’s midterm elections with Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene saying that she is ready to unleash a civil war over the GOP’s poor showing in the midterms. She also revealed that she fears some moderate Republicans could join forces with Democrats and elect outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney the Speaker of the House.

“We’ve already been through two years where we saw Republicans — Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger — cross over and join the Democrats and produce a Jan. 6 committee,” Greene said during an interview on Steve Bannon’s podcast.

“The danger is this, do we want to watch a challenge for Speaker of the House simply because the ‘Never Kevin’ movement — just like we’ve seen a ‘Never Trump” movement — do we want to see that challenge open the door to Nancy Pelosi handing the gavel to Liz Cheney?”

In the same interview, Greene also defended Kevin McCarthy and said that he should be the next Speaker, which suggests that McCarthy has cut some kind of deal with Greene. Given Greene’s extremist agenda, the thought of such an agreement should be troubling to the American people.

If the Republican majority is small enough, a handful of Republicans could team up with Democrats to elect someone other than Kevin McCarthy to be the next Speaker of the House. And the idea that few Republicans might make a deal with Democrats to get someone like Liz Cheney elected to be the next Speaker of the House is a terrifying prospect for Greene.

As of Monday evening, the Republicans were projected to be on track to have a path to a slim majority in the House.