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Extraordinary Dilemma: Mother Seeks Advice on How to Tell Her 30-year-old Daughter That Her Brother is Actually Her Father



Mother secret
An anonymous mom has begged for advice on how to tell her 30-year-old daughter that her brother is actually her father (stock image)

In an extraordinary letter to The Atlantic’s Dear Therapist column, an anonymous mother is pleading for guidance on how to disclose an astonishing family revelation that has been concealed for three decades.

The woman’s husband had two children from a previous relationship, and when the couple decided to have children together, they faced a challenging obstacle. With her husband having undergone a vasectomy years prior, the couple opted for an unconventional solution – asking the husband’s son to be the donor.

In her letter to the publication, the anonymous woman wrote, “We decided against using a sperm bank and instead asked my husband’s son to be the donor. We believed it was the best choice, as our child would have my husband’s genetic traits, and we were familiar with my stepson’s health, personality, and intelligence. He agreed to assist us.

Now, 30 years later, the concerned mother is grappling with the momentous task of telling her daughter the shocking truth: her ‘father’ is her grandfather, her beloved “brother” is, in fact, her biological father, her “sister” is her aunt, and her “nephew” is her half-brother.

The revelation poses a complex emotional challenge for both the mother and her husband. As they prepare to unravel the family secret, they find themselves torn between wanting to share the truth and fearing the impact it may have on their daughter’s life.

To shed light on this delicate situation, The Atlantic’s expert columnist, Lori Gottlieb, a qualified psychotherapist, offers valuable advice. Gottlieb emphasizes the importance of presenting the facts simply and honestly, taking full responsibility for the decades-long deception, and extending a sincere apology to their daughter. She advises the mother to prioritize her daughter’s emotions during the conversation and ensure that she has ample space to process the shocking revelation.

Additionally, Gottlieb cautioned that the “brother” in this situation should also be informed about the forthcoming revelation, allowing him the opportunity to share this information with his own family, if necessary.

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