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Ex-Trump DHS Official Condemns President For Militarizing Federal Agents: ‘I’m Appalled’



David Lapan, who served as the spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security under Donald Trump, condemned the president for militarizing the department to satisfy his own agenda.

Lapan wrote an analysis for Just Security claiming Trump is harming the reputation of the DHS by sending them out to attack the country’s own citizens.

“I’m appalled by what I’m seeing,” he writes. “It’s damaging to DHS, and it’s damaging to American democracy.”

Lapan then breaks down how the Trump-led DHS has treated the city of Portland like an occupying army rather than a police force aimed at protecting and serving the community.

“DHS and other federal agencies have deployed law enforcement officers in military-style uniforms, wielding weapons associated with combat forces abroad,” he explains. “Their uniforms, equipment, and tactics have created the distinct appearance of yet another armed military response to protest and elements of civil unrest.”

According to Lapan, Trump is using DHS acting — rather than Senate-confirmed — officials because it makes it easier to do his bidding, as they can easily be fired and replaced if they resist the president’s orders.

Lapan says this will make it far more difficult for DHS to carry out its core mission.

“It will take some time and serious effort for the department to recover from the damage done to its credibility and reputation over the past three-plus years,” he concludes.

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