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Ex-GOP Rep Reveals Exact Moment He Knew Lindsey Graham Would Sacrifice His Dignity



Former president Donald Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham
Former president Donald Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham. (Photo: WH Archive)

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” former Republican Congressman David Jolly recounted a revealing moment that solidified his perception of Senator Lindsey Graham’s willingness to compromise his integrity.

Jolly shared how a royal visit to Saudi Arabia provided him with insight into Graham’s unwavering support for Donald Trump, despite initially criticizing him during the 2016 election.

During their time in Saudi Arabia, the former congressman said he witnessed a meeting between Graham and the Saudi King. It was there that Graham assured the King, saying, “Don’t worry about Donald Trump. Presidents come and go, but senators stay forever.” This incident, according to Jolly, shed light on Graham’s intentions to remain in the U.S. Senate at any cost, even if it meant sacrificing his own dignity and consistency.

According to Jolly, this anecdote epitomized Graham’s commitment to clinging to power rather than retiring from the Senate.

“That little vignette told me a lot about Lindsey Graham. Someone who likely plans to expire in the U.S. Senate rather than retire from it. And so, he has compromised and sacrificed his own dignity and his own political consistency to try to follow the path to power, to stay in the U.S. Senate,” he said.

Jolly believed that Graham’s actions exemplify the state of the GOP, with Trump exerting a dominant influence over the party. He described the party as being post-ideological, driven by grievances and embracing populism. Despite Donald Trump’s flaws, the party has chosen to overlook them, firmly aligning themselves with him.

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