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‘Even If You Die’: Trump Urges Iowa Voters to Defy Elements And Cast Ballots For Retribution Against Adversaries



Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event on in Indianola, Iowa.
Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event on in Indianola, Iowa. (Screenshot)

In a grievance-fueled speech in Iowa, Donald Trump called on Republicans to brave the harsh weather and cast their ballots, emphasizing that doing so would empower him to take action against his political adversaries.

Speaking before a fervent crowd of supporters in Indianola, the Republican front-runner told voters that their support means he will be able to persecute and punish “liars, cheaters, thugs… and other quite nice people”

“These caucuses are your personal chance to score the ultimate victory over all of the liars, cheaters, thugs, perverts, frauds, crooks, freaks, creeps and other quite nice people,” he said to cheers.

He painted the Washington swamp as a force attempting to silence their voices and declared the upcoming caucuses as a crucial moment for voters to reclaim their power, speak their minds, and vote against the establishment.

“The Washington swamp has done everything in its power to take away your voice. But tomorrow is your time to turn on them and to say and speak your mind and to vote.”

Trump also implored attendees to brave the harsh winter weather, urging them to cast their ballots even if they are sick and “passed away” after voting.

“It will be worth it,” Trump said.

Watch portion of his speech below: