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ESCAPE ATTEMPT: Rudy Giuliani Asks For Sudden Break In Disciplinary Hearing After Being Confronted With Damaging Evidence



Rudy Giuliani

On Tuesday, former Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani asked for a sudden break after he was confronted with impeaching evidence in his disciplinary hearing.

During the proceedings, D.C. disciplinary counsel Hamilton Fox grilled Giuliani about his work on the 2020 presidential election. A day earlier, Fox accused Giuliani of “weaponizing his law license” to bring a frivolous action in an attempt to undermine the Constitution.”

At one point, Fox noted that the former mayor has tried to vindicate himself by pointing to a 2020 election case in Pennsylvania.

“I agree that I cited the case,” Giuliani said.

“For the proposition that in the future, if the ballots, the mail-in ballots were not dated, they wouldn’t be accepted?” Fox said.

“OK, I mean, that’s what it says,” Giuliani said of his filing.

“But that’s not what the case says, is it?” Fox said.

“I don’t recall that,” Giuliani replied.

At that point, Fox produced a copy of the case Giuliani cited.

After an awkward moment of silence, Giuliani replied:

“Could I take a short break?”

The hearing was scheduled to restart at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Watch the video below.


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