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City Of El Paso Hires Collection Attorney To Go After Trump Over Unpaid Rally Fees



The City of El Paso is ramping up its efforts to collect over half a million dollars that’s owed by the Trump campaign from a rally that took place almost two years ago, by hiring a collection attorney to go after Donald Trump, local station KTSM reports.

“The City has been waiting since February of last year on money that’s been owed from the Trump campaign,” City Rep. Peter Svarzbein said during Tuesday’s council meeting, according to the news outlet.

“We all are seeing firsthand the struggles that everyday El Paso families have in addition to the challenges that we have in our own budget,” Svarzbein said. “So this amount of money is not inconsequential and also the message that we send that nobody is above the law is also an important one for our community to understand as well.”

On Monday, City Council unanimously approved of hiring outside legal counsel, the Law Office of Snapper L. Carr, City Attorney Karla Nieman said.

“We believe that based on the research and the information that we’ve gathered through the city attorney’s office and the comptroller’s office is the best course of action is to ask Mr. Carr to assist us in collecting the debt,” she said.

The City Attorney said further updates will be brought back to council as necessary in executive session meetings.