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Donna Brazile Shames Chris Christie For Whining J6 Panel Didn’t Include Anyone To Defend Trump



During a panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week,” former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was smacked down by fellow panelists for complaining that the House Select Committee investigating the Jan 6 attack on the US Capitol Committee had no one to defend the “other side.”

“The Jan. 6 Committee, despite some of the good work they’ve done, was resigned to having a credibility problem because of the membership of the committee and the way that was done,” Christie said.

“And so there are lots of Republicans across this country who just say there’s nobody there to argue the other side. Kinzinger and Cheney don’t argue the other side to the extent that there is some arguments there,” he complained.

“There’s no other side,” ABC host George Stephanopoulos shot back.

“I think you can question a lot of these witnesses who came up and test their credibility,” Christie replied, prompting panelist Donna Brazile to ask:

“Bill Barr? You’re going to test the credibility of the former attorney general? You’re going to test the credibility of the people who were inside the Oval Office?”

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“You want to just keep talking or do you want me to give the answer?” Christie exclaimed.

“Where’s the other side?” Brazile asked.

Christie replied by comparing the hearings to a staged TV show.

“You can test the credibility of people and by doing that, it can give them more credibility,” Christie argued. “But instead, it’s a TV production.”

“You’re going to test the credibility of the cops who got their heads smashed in,” Brazile noted. “That’s who you’re going to test?”

“That’s not who I’m testing, Donna!” Christie replied. “But there are lots of people inside the White House who now have convenient memories about things that didn’t have memories about them before.”

Watch the discussion below from ABC News.


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