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Trump Administration Ramps Up Blockade To Biden’s Transition Team



As President Donald Trump continues his hopeless crusade to reverse his election loss, his administration is purposely obstructing President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team.

Biden spokesperson Yohannes Abraham told reporters on Wednesday that the Office of Management and Budget has been limiting support to the incoming administration and accused the agency of “intentionally generated opacity,” Axios reports.

“There’s no question that a lack of analytical support to the transition team will delay Biden’s budget planning, and that it has real-world implications for national security,” she said, according to Axios.

Biden said on Monday his team has “encountered obstruction” and “roadblocks” from political leadership at the Defense Department, including a lack of briefings.

The President-elect warned that foreign adversaries could gain advantage if his team is cut out of vital information sharing with the outgoing Trump administration. Before Christmas, the Pentagon abruptly halted meetings with transition officials.