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Dominion Voting Systems Sues Sidney Powell For $1.3 Billion Over Voter Fraud Claims



Dominion Voting Systems has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell, who represented the president’s attempts to overturn the election’s results, for defamation, Bloomberg News reports.

“Powell falsely claimed that Dominion had rigged the election, that Dominion was created in Venezuela to rig elections for Hugo Chávez, and that Dominion bribed Georgia officials for a no-bid contract,” the lawsuit states.

Powell, who appeared with Trump lawyer Rudy Giulini in their attempts to challenge the election’s results, consistently pushed a slew of wild conspiracy theories that were embraced by QAnon followers and promoted by Trump. At one point, she promised to “release the Kraken” to overturn the election.

The president’s claims of voter fraud have been widely rejected. Election officials have uniformly declared that the 2020 election was “the most secure in American history.” Election security experts found that “in every case of which we are aware, these claims either have been unsubstantiated or are technically incoherent.”

Dominion, one of the biggest U.S. election equipment manufacturers and the subject of numerous incoherent conspiracy theories after the 2020 election, is requesting damages of more than $1.3 billion, saying it has spent millions on security for its employees and damage control to its reputation, and risks losses of future business.

A Dominion employee who had been subjected to targeted harassment from Trump supporters had previously personally sued Powell and others. In December, Dominion sent cease-and-desist letters to some conservative media outlets that pushed those theories, including Fox News and OAN, which led to them walking back their claims.

Powell didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.