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Devin Nunes Suggests Biden TV Appearances Are ‘Computer Generated Graphics’ Made By ‘The Deep State’



Devin Nunes

Trump-loving GOP Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Sunday suggested that President Joe Biden’s appearances on television may not be real, but a “computer-generated graphic” made by the deep state to fake the president’s speeches.

Nunes’ remarks came during an appearance on Fox News after he was asked about Biden’s performance at a recent CNN town hall event.

“You know it’s getting bad when the propaganda machine that the Democratic socialists control in this country — they control 95% of the media or so,” Nunes told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “And then you take the big tech oligarchs that control and censor what we receive via social media. When that poison gets to the average independent American, that propaganda, you know it’s bad when they can’t even find a 15- or 30-second soundbite out of a full-hour town hall that they can plug into their own propaganda machine.”

He added: “I mean, it’s getting really bad. It’s not just the president. They can’t get any soundbites from the vice president either.”

Nunes then claimed that deep state actors are “to the point where they’re going to have to start using computer-generated graphics in order to give to the propaganda machine because they can’t get good clips to sell what they’re trying to sell here in Washington, which are policies that are running the country into the ground.”

Watch the video below from Fox News.