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Dem Voters Receiving Robocall Telling Them To Vote Wednesday, Which Would Discredit Their Vote



On Tuesday, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sounded the alarm over a robocall that is being sent out to voters in Flint, telling them to vote on Wednesday.

“Getting reports of multiple robocalls going to Flint residents that, due to long lines, they should vote tomorrow,” she wrote on Twitter. “Obviously this is FALSE and an effort to suppress the vote. No long lines and today is the last day to vote. Don’t believe the lies! Have your voice heard!”

According to data from the U.S. census, the majority of the voters in the area are Black residents that tend to vote for Democratic candidates.

In 2016, Flint-anchored Genesee County voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton by ten points and supported former President Barack Obama in 2012 by 28 points.

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