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Daring Political Ad by Democratic Group Exposes Ohio Republicans’ Intrusion Into Personal Lives



Ohio Republican
A provocative political ad by a Democratic group exposes Ohio Republicans' intrusion into personal lives. (Screenshot)

Having an elderly Republican congressman intruding on your intimate moments can really spoil the mood, as seen in a recent eye-catching political ad by a Democratic advocacy group.

Progress Action Fund has taken a bold approach by featuring a steamy sex scene to encourage Ohioans to vote against the passage of State Issue 1. This proposal would mandate that any potential amendment to the Ohio State Constitution must receive the approval of at least 60 percent of eligible voters. State Issue 1 has faced substantial criticism for its potential to undermine majority rule and impede the legalization of abortion.

The ad portrays a scenario where a couple engages in passionate kissing, only to be interrupted when an older man, representing a Republican congressman, snatches a condom they were reaching for.

The couple reacts with shock and the elderly man boldly states, “I’m your Republican congressman. Now that we’re in charge, we’re banning birth control.”

Asserting their autonomy, the woman insists that it is their decision, not his, and demands he “get out.” However, the congressman retorts that he “won the last election. I’m not going anywhere. I’m just gonna watch and make sure you don’t do anything illegal.”

The ad concludes with the message, “Keep Republicans out of your personal lives. Vote no on Aug. 8,” prominently displayed on the screen.