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Crowd Chants ‘Lock Him Up’ After Trump Rages Against Obama At Nevada Rally



During a rally in Henderson, Nevada, on Sunday, President Donald Trump supporters chanted “lock him up” after Trump accused former President Obama of being caught “spying” on the 2016 Trump campaign.

During the event, Trump ranted that Obama “got caught spying on my campaign,” referring to longstanding accusations from him and his allies that the investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia in 2016 was orchestrated by the Obama administration in an attempt to sink his candidacy, a claim for which there is no evidence.

Attendees responded by chanting “lock him up!”, a riff on the “lock her up” chant the president encouraged during his 2016 run against Hillary Clinton (D), during which he alleged that his opponent had committed crimes by operating a private email server as secretary of state.

The president has escalated his attacks against Obama in recent months, accusing the former president in June of committing “treason” while touting the upcoming results of the Justice Department’s investigation into the origins of the probe into the Trump campaign.

“Treason. Treason. It’s treason,” Trump told CBN News in June.

“They’d been spying on my campaign,” the president added at the time. “Turned out I was right. Let’s see what happens to them now.”