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Right-Wing Pundit Delivers ‘Blunt Truth’ To Trump Supporters: ‘You Were Played’, Accept Reality, Trump Lost



Right-wing talk radio host Erick Erickson on Monday delivered a harsh dose of reality for supporters of President Donald Trump, telling them in a lengthy Twitter to stop blaming everyone else for their loss, and accept the fact that the election was fair and Trump was defeated.

“Might as well start up the nightly bag of hatemail with some blunt truths,” Erickson began. “I say this as a supporter and donor of the President’s re-election effort. A lot of his core supporters, who’ve never contributed a penny to his campaign, will blast me as NeverTrump, but… According to the Trump World narrative, the President was failed by multiple chiefs of staff, his first attorney general, and now his second Durham investigation that would expose everything is exposing nothing, not even itself. But just you wait and see!”

He added: “The Trump controlled Department of Justice and Trump controlled FBI are in on stealing the election from their boss along with possibly the CIA and now Fox News whose accurate call of Arizona was right, but hurt feelings by coming too soon.

“The Republican governors of Georgia and Arizona and the Republican legislators of Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are in on picking the infrastructure that stole the election and will do nothing to stop it.”

“The Republican Party in Georgia is unable to get the Republican Governor, Lt. Gov., Secretary of State, or Attorney General to act to do the President’s bidding, so they all must be in cahoots with Stacey Abrams who they all dislike.”

“Dominion Voting Systems handed the vote to Donald Trump in all the counties in which their machines were used in Pennsylvania, but was in on the act of stealing the election there and elsewhere.”

“The paper ballot votes in Georgia aligned with the Dominion Voter Systems machine count so that is proof the election was stolen, as were the disproportionate use of absentee ballots by Democrats when Trump said not to use them and Biden said to use them.”

“The lawsuits being filed by President Trump’s team are all being tossed from court, often by the judges the President himself picked. The lawyers have failed him. So have his judges and courts.”

“Maybe it is all a grand conspiracy or maybe, just maybe, and this is a wild idea, but maybe the man who said he hired the best people didn’t and that ultimately means that he’s not actually very good at picking the right people. But wait…there’s more.”

“For the sake of argument, let’s suppose that the Attorney General, who previously served as Attorney General for George H. W. Bush, is actually a highly competent individual and John Durham is too. But both have been unable to deliver results that would expose the deep state conspiracy against the President — the one that also involved the DOJ, FBI, and CIA stealing the election from the President with the help of Republican governors and legislators.”

“And there are a bunch of courtiers to the Trump Administration who’ve been assuring us that just you wait, it is all going to be exposed and people are going to jail and the deep state house of cards is collapsing.”

“Maybe…and I know this might just blow your mind…but maybe what if you’ve been lied to the whole time. There is no conspiracy . There is no theft of the election. The President hired highly competent people, but it is him, not them, that is the problem.”

And then maybe, just maybe, because it is him, not them, that is the problem, ultimately it is really you who are the problem because you so willingly got played and even now want to be played because now you’re emotionally invested in a cause and a candidate and… …to admit you were played and he lost and there was no deep state conspiracy or theft of the election would actually make you look bad.”

“So it’s better to double down on the lies and bullshit and blame everyone else … from the Trump appointed AG to the Trump appointed FBI Director to the Trump appointed CIA Director to various Trump endorsed Governors to the GOP establishment to corporate America, the Carlyle Group, the Rothschilds, the Russians, and the Chinese.

Maybe Hillary Clinton was so deeply disliked that Trump could beat her and if he’d not flubbed his first debate, not had so many insane tweets, and not handled the viral situation as he had, he could have beaten Biden. But voters got exhausted and chose to move on.”

“Or, who knows, maybe the deep state stole it and, if so, using the same machines in 4 years, good luck running Trump again.”


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