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CNN Airs Video Showing Obama Signing Veterans Bill That Trump Is Trying To Take Credit For



On Saturday, Donald Trump abruptly ended a press conference after he was called out by CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid for lying and taking credit for a veterans bill signed into law by former President Barack Obama. In response, CNN’s Victor Blackwell shared clips of the former president announcing the signing in 2014 and Trump attempting to steal credit yesterday.

“One of President Trump’s go-to lies is his role in passing Veterans Choice,” Blackwell says. “You saw it at the end of the news conference when he walked away. Well that was when he was faced with a question why he said that he passed Choice and Accountability for the V.A.”

“He either hasn’t heard or is lying to you, and he is done so more than 150 times,” Blackwell continued before rolling footage of both president’s talking about the bill — signed into law by Obama six years ago.

Watch the CNN clip below. The second video shows the moment Obama signs the bill:

Here’s the full video of President Obama signing the bill.