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Christian Pastor: Biden Is ‘Demonic,’ Will Try To ‘Take Away Your Children’ And ‘Have Womanhood Erased’



Evangelical Christian minister Mario Murillo said during an interview last week on the Christian TV program Flash Point that President Joe Biden “can do and say the most insane things with no backlash” because there is a “demonic hedge of protection” around him.

“There is a demonic hedge of protection around Joe Biden. That’s why he can say and do the most insane things with no backlash,” Murillo said.

According to Murillo, Biden will try to take away people’s children while also getting rid of womanhood alltogether.

“Tear it down so that the nation will wake up from this spell and not only understand that they were ripped off from their votes, that they’re now going to have their children taken from them, their rights,” he continued, railing against equal rights for the trans community. “They’re gonna have womanhood itself erased. And somehow the scales will fall off the eyes of pastors and a powerful move of God can begin if we will declare that those strongholds of demonic power will come down in the name of Christ.”

Take a look at his remarks below:


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