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Chris Wallace Defends Jill Biden After Conservatives Attack Her ‘Doctor’ Title



On Sunday, Fox News host Chris Wallace defended incoming first lady Jill Biden after several conservative figures attack her for using the honorific “doctor.” Mrs. Biden has a doctorate in education.

A Wall Street Journal op-ed earlier in December called on Biden to drop the title. Fox News’s Tucker Carlson also attacked Biden’s use of the honorific, attacking her dissertation as “pure nonsense” while calling her “illiterate.”

Questioning their motives, Wallace noted that numerous other people without a medical degree have used their honorific titles and no one has “made a fuss” about it.

“There has been some criticism recently from conservatives, including some conservatives on Fox News, about the fact that first lady-to-be Jill Biden goes by the title doctor,” Wallace said in an interview with incoming White House press secretary Jen Psaki on “Fox News Sunday.”

“I wonder, what is the Bidens’ reaction to that, especially given the fact that so many people over the years — I think of Dr. Henry Kissinger, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King — have gone by the title doctor even though they’re not medical doctors and nobody seems to have made a fuss about that,” he added.

Psaki agreed the criticism was “a bit perplexing,” contrasting it with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.

Watch the video below.