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Chris Cuomo Has No Patience For ‘Idiot’ Anti-Vax Restaurant Owner, Calls Him Out To His Face



On Wednesday, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo got into a tense exchange with a California restaurant owner who is requiring customers to show proof that they are unvaccinated before entering his diner.

Cuomo interviewed Tony Roman, the owner of Basilico’s Pasta e Vino in Huntington Beach, who said he was dead serious about making sure no vaccinated people ate at his restaurant because he thought getting vaccinated is a sign of low intelligence.

Roman went into a rambling diatribe, claiming the vaccine is an “an IQ test” that Cuomo and anyone who has been vaccinated has failed. “Like I say to people when they ask me, if they’re so blinded with their rage and their hate, I tell them, you know what, if you don’t understand it, maybe we should put up a sign that says you’re too stupid to come into the restaurant.”

This made no sense to Cuomo, who asked Roman if he was vaccinated. Roman responded by demanding Cuomo give his vaccination status first, to which Cuomo replied that he and his family were vaccinated.

“You’re failing the IQ test,” Roman replied, before then saying that barring vaccinated people from eating at his restaurant was not intended to be an anti-vaccine statement.

At the end of the interview, a frustrated Cuomo bluntly told Roman that “honestly, you sound like an idiot.”:

Watch the video below.


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