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Chris Christie Booed, Then Cheered as he Rips Trump at Conservative Event



Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie criticized Donald Trump before a big crowd of evangelical activists. (Screengrab).

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stirred up mixed reactions at a recent conservative event, as he boldly criticized former President Donald Trump. During his speech at the gathering, Christie’s remarks initially drew boos from some attendees, but later garnered applause and support.

The occasion was the annual Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, where Christie, a Republican presidential candidate vying for the party’s 2024 nomination, took the opportunity to present his White House bid. In his address, he showcased his accomplishments as New Jersey’s governor while launching a scathing attack on Trump’s record.

Christie’s criticism of Trump’s leadership drew jeers from some members of the audience. However, undeterred by the negative response, he defiantly responded, “You can boo all you want.” The tension in the room escalated as boos mixed with applause and the crowd’s divided sentiment became evident.

The former governor stressed the importance of personal responsibility, stating, “Our faith teaches us that people have to take responsibility for what they do. People have to stand up and take accountability for what they do.” His words resonated with some attendees, leading to clapping and support amidst the ongoing boos.

Christie went on to justify his frequent criticisms of Trump by recounting his personal experience. He revealed that Trump had once requested him to serve as White House chief of staff but has since resorted to “name-calling” and belittling him, along with others who disagreed with the former president. Christie condemned such behavior, arguing that it diminishes the nation as a whole (see video below).

Christie’s bold stance against Trump stems from the former president’s refusal to concede his loss in the 2020 election. Despite having been one of Trump’s closest allies, Christie distanced himself when Trump began promoting baseless claims of widespread voter fraud. Since launching his White House bid, Christie has consistently criticized Trump, setting himself apart from other Republican candidates.

However, Christie’s candidacy has faced an uphill battle within a Republican Party that remains largely aligned with the former president. Recent surveys indicate significantly higher support for Trump, hovering around 52% among Republicans, compared to Christie’s meager 2%, according to a RealClearPolitics average of polls conducted in recent weeks.

Both the Trump and Christie campaigns refrained from immediate comments on the matter.


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