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Bolton Book: Trump Defended Saudi Journalist’s Murder To ‘Divert’ From Ivanka’s Email Scandal



According to John Bolton’s new book, Donald Trump sided with the Saudi Arabian government’s murder of a journalist in order to distract from the email scandal involving his daughter Ivanka Trump.

A former head of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub notes, Ivanka Trump was conducting government business under a private email weeks before she was given a position in the Trump administration.

Shaub highlighted two messages obtained through the Freedom of Information Act showing Ivanka Trump conducting government business with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos weeks before she had an official government role.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Ivanka Trump also referred to White House official Anne Bradfield as her own chief of staff during a conversation with White House officials Linda McMahon, Julie Radford and Dina Powell.

After the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, Trump released a statement defending Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“The world is a very dangerous place!” Trump said in the statement. “Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!”

According to Bolton’s book, Trump did this to distract from the negative press his daughter was receiving.

“This will divert from Ivanka,” Trump reportedly said. “If I read the statement in person, that will take over the Ivanka thing.”

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