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Boaters For Trump Member Threatens To ‘Head To The White House With The Militia’ If Biden Wins



Donald Trump fans are already threatening to take action if their president doesn’t get reelected in November.

One voter who felt very strongly about Trump losing was Shawn Feeley, a “Boaters for Trump” member who expressed how he would feel if Joe Biden won.

Speaking to the Tampa Bay Times, Feeley said he’s ready to go to war for Trump, but he’s not signing up for the American military. He means the war for Trump.

“For me, it’s more like Trump risked his entire life to stand up for the country,” said Feeley, who works as a contractor. “He didn’t need money. … He didn’t need fame.”

He was then asked what he would do if Trump loses in November: “I’m still flying it. And I’m heading to the White House with the militia.”

Take a look at the interview below:

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