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Biden Just Opened Up A Massive Lead On Trump In New Poll



A New York Times/Siena poll released on Wednesday shows that former Vice President Joe Biden has opened up his biggest lead on Donald Trump in recent polling.

According to the poll, which surveyed more than 1,300 registered voters, Biden is leading in every demographic except white voters with no college degree.

Among undecided voters, Biden has a 14-point lead. Biden leads slightly among male voters and has a 22-point lead among women voters. He leads by 34 points among voters under 34 and by 23 points among voters between 35 and 49. He leads by 28 points among white voters with a college degree, 39 points among Hispanic voters and 74 points among Black voters.

Biden has been performing better than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 with white voters. Biden leads Trump by 39 points among white women with a college degree, a group which supported Clinton by only seven points.

Trump’s biggest downfall was his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his reaction to the protests over police brutality.

More than 60% of voters disapprove of Trump’s handling of race relations, including about 40% of white voters over 65.

Nearly 60% of voters, including nearly 40% of white voters over 65, disapprove of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump might be digging himself in a bigger hole after his plan to gut funding from COVID-19 testing sites. He has also already declared victory on the pandemic as the numbers continue to rise.

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