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BEST OF THE BEST: You Won’t Believe Why This GOP House Candidate Ended Up In Jail



Bud Marty May

South Dakota Republican candidate Bud Marty May, who lost his election to be a member of the state’s House of Representatives has been arrested and charged with rape days after losing an election to his own mother, The Kansas City Star reports.

According to the report, May was trying to unseat incumbent state Rep. Elizabeth May (D), his own mother. While May won roughly 22% of the vote in a close race, his mother held on to her seat.

Then, days after his loss, the defeated Republican was booked into jail on a charge of rape by means of force, coercion or threats, the Kansas City Star reported.

According to the victim, May forced himself on her in a bathroom stall at a bar, telling her, “I am 6′8, white, it is all consensual.”

May then fled the scene but was later detained by police. He initially denied involvement, but then claimed the whole thing “was simply a hug.”

He could face up to 50 years in prison and pay fines of up to $50,000 if convicted.