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Arrested MAGA Rioter Living In Fear, Whines He’s Been Threatened By Cellmates



Joseph R. Biggs

Joseph R. Biggs, a prominent member of the Proud Boys being held in a jail in Seminole County, Florida is alleging to have been “threatened” by other inmates in the facility while awaiting trial for his involvement in the attack on the U.S. Capitol and that he’s loving in fear for his life.

As noted by The Daytona Beach News-Journal, federal prosecutors say that the 37-year-old Trump supporter was “a leader among the Proud Boys in planning ‘an organized and violent attack’ upon the country’s democracy and its Capitol building on Jan. 6.”

The report added: “Biggs is locked up in a subsection of the Seminole County Jail, which holds about 150 federal inmates in other cases, has been getting around, according to J. Daniel Hull, who represents Biggs. ‘I do worry about somebody wanting to test Joe Biggs’ mettle,’ Hull said. ‘I think that’s going to be coming up more and more.'”

Biggs has been charged as part of a conspiracy — videos taken of the incident shows his fellow Proud Boys violently stampeding into the Capitol.

You can read the entire report here.