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Abandoned Baby ‘Left To Be Eaten by Wild Animals’ Saved By Stray Dog



Miracle Baby
An abandoned baby girl was saved by a stray dog in Lebanon's northern city of Tripoli. (Photo: Imgur)

An abandoned baby girl was saved from a dreadful fate by a stray dog in Lebanon’s northern city of Tripoli. The newborn was reportedly left inside a garbage bag, exposed to the mercy of wild animals, until a benevolent canine discovered her and took matters into its own paws.

The stray dog found the helpless baby girl inside the bin bag near the town hall, National News reported. Moved by an instinctual sense of care, the dog began dragging the bag, emitting cries that were eventually heard by a passer-by. The dog promptly alerted the authorities, and the baby girl was rushed to the Islamic Hospital before being transferred to the Tripoli Government Hospital.

Pictures of the infant revealed visible signs of bruises and cuts, reflecting the harrowing experience she endured. However, despite the initial challenges, doctors said she demonstrated remarkable resilience and swift healing.

The incident has sparked outrage across the world, with people expressing condemnation for such a heinous act of abandonment. Many have emphasized that the stray dog “exhibited more humanity and compassion than those who left the innocent child to suffer.” Social media platforms have been flooded with messages of support and admiration for the canine’s actions, with users asserting that animals can display incredible empathy and intelligence.

Additionally, numerous individuals have come forward expressing their interest in adopting the abandoned child, eager to provide her with a loving and caring home.

Authorities are diligently investigating to identify the individuals responsible for this cruel abandonment. Sadly, such instances of child dumping and abuse have been on the rise, exacerbated by the country’s deteriorating living standards and increasing poverty rates.

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