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4 Florida Clowns Arrested For Robbing Elderly Woman, Threatening Her With Sledgehammer



Florida clowns

Authorities in Florida arrested four individuals for robbing an older Florida woman while wearing clown masks and holding a sledgehammer, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said in a release Friday.

Investigators said the group “terrorized” the woman, stole thousands of dollars’ worth of her valuables, and pawned off her possessions before their arrests, local NBC affiliate WESH-2 reported.

Police identified Melissa Martinez, 23, Shakira Rivera Colon, 26, Jaydie Cintron Mayoral, 24, and Nelson Cruz Medina, 42, as suspects in the robbery. Investigators said the group destroyed the woman’s Ring camera, but the group was spotted leaving the area by neighbors’ security cameras.

Martinez, Colon, Mayoral and Medina were charged with home invasion, robbery and grand theft. Martinez and Medina were also charged with dealing in stolen property and false verification of ownership for allegedly pawning some jewelry in nearby Volusia County.

“We have zero tolerance for criminals who prey on the most vulnerable members of our community,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Office told WESH.

“We are grateful for the tireless work by our robbery and felony squads to apprehend these thieves and seek justice for the woman they victimized,” officials said.

The sheriff’s office did not give details about the victim and only identified her as an “elderly woman.” They said she was not hurt in the incident.


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