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‘You Are a Disgrace’: Lindsey Graham Demolished After Suggesting Trump Should ‘Punch a Cop’ On Way To Arraignment



U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is being dragged online for suggesting Donald Trump could “smash some windows, rob a few shops and punch a cop” to “avoid prosecution in New York.”

The South Carolina Republican offered his bizarre advice ahead of Trump’s expected arraignment on Tuesday.

“How can President Trump avoid prosecution in New York?” Graham tweeted Friday, with a “thinky face” emoji.

He then answered his own question: “On the way to the DA’s office on Tuesday, Trump should smash some windows, rob a few shops and punch a cop. He would be released IMMEDIATELY!”

This was presumably meant to be some kind of joke implying that criminals can get away with anything in liberal, soft-on-crime New York. Or maybe Graham really is recommending that the former president physically attack a police officer ― like some of his supporters have done.

Either way, Graham’s comments sparked outrage on the Twitterverse and the responses were fast and furious.

Check some of the reactions below.


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