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White Woman Threatens To Call Police On Family As They Move Into New Home During Wild Racist Rant



A new video has emerged online showing the moment a white woman launches racial slurs against a family as they were moving into their new home.

The incident, which was said to have occurred in Michigan, was captured on video and shared on Twitter over the weekend.

The white woman can be seen rushing out of her home to accuse her new neighbors of breaking the law by moving into their home after dark.

“You’ve been screaming since what time?” the woman complains. “You just moved in.”

“Have we?” a man behind the camera asks. “You’re the one screaming right now.”

“You all are n****rs makings a scene!” the white woman exclaims.

“I’m going to find out where you work and you’re going to lose your job,” a woman filming the incident tells the white woman.

“I get paid by the government!” the white woman replies.

“You can’t say that word,” the camerawoman advises.

“Really, n****r?” the woman repeats. “You’re a n****r.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” the camerawoman asks.

“N****rs waking me up at 3:30!” the white woman says. “I’ve got a phone too. I’m using it to call the cops.”


What would you respond to this woman?