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Watch: Brad Pitt Hilariously Plays Dr. Fauci On SNL



During an interview on CNN, Dr. Anthony Fauci said if someone ended up playing him on ‘SNL’ he’d be happy if it was Brad Pitt. Well, last night, the respected physician got his wish!!!

Brad was in top form … nailing the gravely voice of the infectious disease honcho as he sat behind a desk, trying to reconcile the views of Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump.

But, first things first … ‘SNL’ Fauci mused about the emails he’s received from some of his older, female fans.

Then — down to business. When Trump said a vaccine was coming “relatively soon,” Tony explained the word “relatively” is, well, relative.

Then, the words, “Everyone can get a test,” actually means virtually nobody can get tested.

As for ingesting disinfectant … well, ya gotta watch Brad’s facial expressions.

The end of the skit is great because Brad takes off his Fauci-esque headgear and delivers a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Fauci.